Saturday, May 26, 2018

openSUSE Conference 2018

This year openSUSE conference was held in Prague and, thanks to both my employer and openSUSE conference organizers, I've been able to spend almost a full day there.

I've headed to Prague with a Fleet Commander talk accepted and, as openSUSE Leap 15.0 was released Yesterday, also with the idea to show an unattended ("express") installation of the "as fresh as possible" Leap 15.0 happening on GNOME Boxes.

The conference was not so big, which helped to easy spot some old friends (Fridrich Strba, seriously? Meeting you after almost 7 years ... I have no words to describe my happiness on seeing you there!), some known faces (as Scott, with whom I just meet at conferences :-)) and also meet some people who either helped me a lot in the past (here I can mention the whole autoyast team who gave me some big support when I was writing down the autoinst.xml for libosinfo, which provides the support to do openSUSE's express installations via GNOME Boxes) or who have some interest in some of the work I've been doing (as Richard Brown who's a well-know figure around SUSE/openSUSE community, a GNOME Boxes user and also an enthusiastic supporter of our work done in libosiinfo/osinfo-db).

About the talks ...

I've re-shaped the very same Fleet Commander talk presented at FOSDEM'18 and also have prepared a demo to show the audience the magic happening on a CentOS 7.5 environment. In the audience we had around 20 people and the talk went considerably well considering that the demo just exploded. After leaving the conference room I took some time to debug what happened and seems that my master machine just hung at some point, thus the client machine wasn't able to download the desktop-profiles data from it (and it hung for so long that the DataProvider was marked as offline) and as I didn't have time to do a "live-debug" session I ended up proceeding with the rest of the talk (curiously, when writing this blog post I've logged in the client machine in order to debug the issue and the first thing that I see is the "pink background"!!!). We've even gotten a few questions! :-)
Sincerely, thanks to everyone who attended the talk!
I'm taking as an action item from this to write down a blog post on how to debug those issues (end-to-end) as, due to amount of components involved, something can go wrong on different parts, different projects and on.

By the end of my Fleet Commander talk, I've taken 5 minutes to say that I'm also a libosinfo maintainer (with a strong interest in the "tooling" part of the virtualization world :-)) and mention that during the trip from Brno to Prague I've crafted some patches adding support to openSUSE Leap 15.0 that was just released Yesterday and I'd like to show them an express installation performed via GNOME Boxes. In order to do so, I've booted the ISO, set up my username and password, clicked on "Create" and left my laptop in the presentation desk till the end of the next presenter's talk (who was Carlos Soriano presenting a nice "DevOps for GNOME with Flatpak" talk). By the end of Carlos' talk, I've just got back the mic and the screen and showed people that the installation have just worked. :-). The patches enabling this were submitted and hopefully we'll have them on both Fedora and openSUSE packages by Wednesday! :-)

So, summing up ... half of the demos worked, I've left both demos with action items (write a troubleshoot page and upstream the patches, which is already done) and I've met some really nice people in an equally nice environment!

Looking forward to attend next openSUSE Conference and thanks a lot for having me there!