Monday, January 29, 2018

Fleet Commander!

A really short update!

I've presented a talk about Fleet Commander at DevConf CZ'2018, which basically show-cases the current status of the project after having the whole integration with FreeIPA and SSSD done!

Please, take a look at the presentation and slides.

While preparing this presentation we've found some issues on SSSD side, which already have some PRs opened: #495 and #497.

Also, fc-vagans project has been created to help people to easily test and develop for Fleet Commander.

Hopefully we'll be able to get the SSSD patches merged and backported to Fedora27. Meanwhile, I'd strongly recommend people to use the fc-vagans, as the patches are present there.

So, give it a try and, please, talk to us (#fleet-commander at!

And ... a similar talk will be given at FOSDEM'2018! Take a look at our DevRoom schedule and join us there!