Sunday, December 25, 2016


It's been quite a long time I don't write anything here and the main reason is that I've been quite busy lately. But, well, as the end of the year has been approaching quite faster than expected I guess this is the right time to, at least, sum up what happened during the last year or so.

2016 hasn't been exactly what I'd call the "best year of my life" but some important stuff have happened and are worth to mention ...

Pain! A lot of pain!
By the beginning of the year I had a few back problems. They were not exactly related to each other, but all of them related to overweight. :-\.

So, in February I had a pilonidal cyst, which came back a few times over the year just to remind me to update my definition of pain. It's something quite simple to treat, but the pain can be really horrible
There's a surgery that can be done in order to (try to) fix the root cause of the issue but the recovering process seems way less appealing than treating it a few times per year when needed.

Apart from this issue, I've started feeling some pain on my lower-back that, after a few days, went all the way down to my knee and for a few weeks limited my movements. Finding the root-cause of this issue was not so easy, but thanks to Pavel Grunt's mother I ended up visiting a neurologist who found it out: a slipped disc!
Again, there's a surgery that can be done and, again, I decided to try to work it around.

Time to change?
I clearly remember a friend of mine who told you "(...) at some point you'll have to re-think your habits (...)". Seems that the time has arrived and there were a lot of things that weren't making me exactly happy about my life. So, I've decided to give a try and change two of those.

So long, SPICE!
I've worked on SPICE for circa 2 years, mainly working on the client-side (spice-gtk and virt-viewer) for both Windows and Linux. An experience that I, sincerely, can't complain.

Both the project and the people there are amazing but I wasn't feeling as excited as I knew I could feel. So, with the heart-broken and quite uncertain about the future, I've decided to leave the project. I've decided to search for something else and have a completely new thing to occupy my mind during 8+ hours/day.

Nice to meet you, SSSD!
SSSD was my primary target and choice.  Why? Well, I'm not sure I could answer this question by that time. I'm still not sure I could answer this question right now.
What I can tell, for sure, is that I feel more and more like I've chosen wisely.

Work-wise the change has been quite satisfactory. I'm spending way more time writing code than I was when working for the SPICE team. As pretty much everything related to Identity Management is new to me, I'm (naturally) spending way more time learning stuff than I was during the last year working for the SPICE team.

Adaptation period
It's really important to mention that the adaptation period was not as smooth as I thought it would be. I moved from a completely international team to a team where I'm the only "foreigner" (well, the team is a mix of Czechs and Slovaks, but they speak their local language when talking to each other) and it was a big culture shock as, due to the language barrier, I wasn't able to feel part of the team, I wasn't able to feel comfortable to interact with the team and it was really really hard for me.

Talk to people! Just calm down and talk to people!
It seems quite obvious but, well, it isn't!

After a lot of talks with my manager, with some people from the office that went through the same shock ... I've decided to talk to my colleagues. After the talk, the situation has been improving quite a lot. And, for sure, what I felt during the first weeks is just a water over the bridge nowadays.

An important point to bring up here is the reason behind this whole situation. People (usually) won't speak their local language because they don't want you to understand the context or anything similar (although, is really hard to avoid that impression). Of course, it may happen, but in the most part of the cases it just happens because they don't even know the impact it may cause in their colleagues. In case it happens to you, at some point of your life, just let them know about the situation (in a polite way, of course) and I guess the outcome will be beneficial for both sides.

After the storm comes the calm
Now, after a few months working on SSSD (and together with FreeIPA) I finally feel comfortable enough to say that my decision to join this team was the really good.

During this whole changing period, some meetings happened inside Brno's office in order to find out what could be done to improve the "well-being" for foreigners here. Some points were raised, some changes already can be seen, which is quite good. Those changes have been pushed (mainly) by Jana Chvalkovska and her team. So, sincerely, I'm proud to see things moving to a good direction.

Also, as I mentioned before in the "Pain! A lot of pain!" section, a common cause for both problems that I had was my overweight. Well, I've been working on this as well. So far I've been able to lose 45+kg and there are 30kg more to go along this year that is coming. Let's see whether I'll be able to reach my goal ...

Am I happy in the end?
Yes. Happier than in the beginning of the year, for sure. Personal life has been going well. Work has been going well.

So, I guess there's nothing really serious that I could complain about ...

Any expectation for the next year?
As, at some point of my life, I've learned that the most effective way to avoid frustrations is to lower the expectations, let's say that outlive 2017 with less pain would be good enough. :-)
And if things keep going as they are right now there's a big chance it can easily happen.

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