Sunday, February 22, 2015

Willing to talk about Czech history? I'm willing to hear what you have to say!

Last Friday, when I was leaving Šelepka, I was approached by a small group of Czech people that, among other things, gave me a (though "non requested") quite nice lesson of Czech history. One of the guys, who seemed to be a History teacher, told us about Pod Kaštany, a concentration camp where over 600 people were executed or tortured to death ... and it was just in the place where we were. Although I have to admit that stopping people in the streets talking about concentration camps may not be the best approach to start a conversation, I was more than happy to learn a bit about what happened there.

An interesting thing is that they have a monument there that, even I'm passing by in front of it almost every day, I've never stopped and tried to understand what was written there. Quite sad, right? I do agree and that's the reason I'm trying to start a "project" (if I can call it in this way ...). Every Wednesday I'll try to go to Alterna to meet with Czech people willing to share histories about Brno (or Czech Republic in general), people that are willing to sit, drink a beer and talk about the history of their own Country. What can I offer for these people? Not much, actually. I can be a partner for beer, a good listener and, if agreed beforehand, I can share a bit of the Brazilian history (I'm kinda into social movements, women rights, gay rights, drugs' decriminalization ... and I can talk a bit about interesting stuff we had [or not] in all of these topics in the last centuries in Brazil). :-)

So, interested? Drop me a message and we can arrange something!