Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Evolution EWS: TimeZones operations

Long story short:
For those who are using evolution-ews from git master, calendar is  back to the game.

Long story:
With the changes I've made to add support for streaming notifications I've also introduced a big bug.
Calendar was not working anymore for Exchange servers newer than 2010.

Because newer versions of EWS do handle an event time in a completely different way than older versions and I had to add support to a new operation that was not supported from our side so far.
Why? I thought we were already using the proper server version to talk to EWS servers (damned, I would love have it blog posted, unfortunately I don't have).
Hmmm. Yes. Or better, not exactly. When I've made the changes to speak to the server using the proper server version, instead of use the oldest one, I didn't touch in the calendar part, because it would take a not small time to implement this operation and so on. With the streaming notifications code added, I had to do this changes (once it works only for EWS servers 2010_SP1 or newer). And ... Boom! ... I broke the calendar backend.

And now it is working again, right?
Yes, it is! :-)
The code is still not reviewed but can be used/seen from/on this branch.

By the way, tests were written and the calendar backend code was refactored in favor to reuse backend's code in our tests, and it took me considerably more time than adding the new operation itself. :-p

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Google Gym!

During my vacations, I traveled to cities I didn't know, having to use Google Maps and trusting in its integration with public transportation, what is the motivation of this post.
That Google is always looking on our searches and using it to offer us "personalized" advertisements is not something new, but that Google does care about your health care is something , at least, unexpected. If you, reader, do not know me in person, let me tell you, I'm fat. I'm not a bit overweight, that guy that ate a bit more than he should. I'm really fat ;-) And when I'm travelling my internet usage can be summarized in basically 2 things: look for a place to eat and get the directions to go to this place (of course, walking less possible).
But, as I said before. Google does care about my health care. More than I do, apparently. Looking for the "less walking" and "best route" options from one place to another, with a 100% of accuracy, Google provided me the "more walking" route possible. In the first 2, 3 times I need to admit, I was completely pissed off. After that, I started to realized they were testing their new product and I am one the of luckiest guys in the earth to have access to it first: Google Gym!
And what the heck is Google Gym? Simple, based on your searches Google will calculate how many calories you're eating in each meal and based on your pictures Google will decide how many calories you should eat in each meal. Do you eat more than you should? Okay, Google makes you walk for 30 minutes next time you're going to a restaurant! Com'on, it's better than a personal trainer!

Google, please, if I am not in the test group and everything said above is just part of my sick mind, please, consider start to implement it. People would love it! (And, please, remember this blog post and send me a gift :-)). Or, at least, fix the map routes because it's getting worst since last maps update :-p