Thursday, October 10, 2013

Evolution EWS: Testing EEwsConnection's API


EEwsConnection's API has a new test framework.
We only cover folder operations for now (Create, Delete, Move)
Please, help us! :-)

I'm glad to announce that we are adding low level tests to cover EEwsConnection's API. It is and will be a continuous work until we have the (almost) full coverage done.

How are we doing this?
It's simple. We are mocking the EWS server, collecting the traces (what means, we are testing against a real server) and then we have the possibility to test our changes offline (against the traces collected). For this, we are using a library written by Philip Withnall, announced during GUADEC, named uhttpmock.

How is the coverage for now?
As I wrote it as a proof-of-conception, for now we are barely covering folder operations (Create, Copy, Move), but the idea is add support while we are touching in another parts to fix bugs/add new features.

Which EWS versions are being covered?
For now, Exchange2007_SP1 and Exchange2010_SP2. I only have access to these servers (actually, we also have access to an Exchange2013 server, but we only will have support to send requests with this specific version when we have a more complete coverage and then track the breakages before commit this new support. Ah, so EWS doesn't have support for Exchange2013? False! We do, but we do the requests as an Exchange2010_SP2 server). So, if you have access to servers with different versions, please, feel free to send us patches to help us to improve the quality of our tests.

How could I help?
If you have access to an EWS server, please, take a look in our tests (they are really simple to add) and start to create new tests in the area of your interest. We would be really happy with some help. We need some help :-)

That's all folks!

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  1. This is great news, Fabiano! I'm really happy to see a testing framework from EWS!