Monday, December 17, 2012


2012: Some things have a happy ending.

- Bye bye UNICAMP: I'm glad for the 5,5 years we had together, for the GSoCs and mainly for the friendships you have provided me. Was a really nice period in my life but I'm happy so far it's done.
- Bye bye FIT: I really had the opportunity to work with great guys and I learnt a lot about "How are the processes in a great company". Unfortunately, I was not FITting in the company philosophy anymore but I really wish the best, for all employees :) Special thanks to IBM guys: Breno Leitão, Leonardo Rangel, Leonardo Garcia and Rafael Lorandi.
- Bye bye Campinas: Since 2007 Campinas has been my home and I have lucky for live and go along with friends in the most part of this 5,5 years. Guys, you were, you are, you always will be the definition of awesomeness
- 8 years dating: Sometimes we need to make a decision ... :)

Althought I don't have doubts that 2012 is the year with more significant changes I've ever had in my whole life ... 2013 is also promising ...

2013: New ways to follow:
- Marriage: After 8 years dating, Eliane and I are married, finally! I have no doubts Eliane is the person I want with me. Hope we can be happy in this new step of our life! :)
- GNOME Foundation: Special thanks to Zeeshan Ali and Christophe Fergeau for a positive (or not negative) vouch and mainly for the opportunity in the Google Summer of Code. I hope I can help (at least some parts of) GNOME as part of my new work.
- Red Hat: Special thanks to Zeeshan Ali (yeah, again, Zeeshan rocks!) for the indication and Christian Schaller for the opportunity. I have no words to describe how happy I am for enjoy a company where the values are so close than mine,  that did my bootstrap in the Free Software world (was the first Linux Distribution I have tried), that has a plenty of contributions in the most significants Open Source projects! Ah! I'll try to do my best in the Desktop Team. :)
- Czech Republic: I'll move to Brno as soon I can get my VISA (probably in February/2013). Didn't have been there, but looks like a nice (and cold) place to live. Eliane is really happy about live in a not so warm place and my only wish is: Don't meet Gregor Samsa family and friends. :-)

That's all folks, I wish all the best and have a happy new year!