Friday, August 3, 2012


GUADEC didn't was my first international conference, but, certainly, was the funniest one!
Was a great pleasure to meet with some guys that helped me a lot in non-GSoC related projects as: Lennart Poettering, Alon Levy and Christophe Fergeau. And, of course, to meet with some guys that are helping me in GSoC as: Zeeshan Ali, Marc-Andre and Christophe Fergeau (Again? Yeah, he is awesome!)
I've no words to describe how awesome was know some students that I prefer don't name them for fear of forgetting someone. I'll miss you all! :)

In the near future I'll write another blog post (less emotive, this time :)), talking about what I've considered the positive/negative points of GUADEC, IMHO.

Thanks for the time we spent together, the talks, the gossips, the beers!
Thanks GNOME Foundation! Thanks Local Team! Thanks Google! :)

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