Monday, August 20, 2012

Pencils Down!

Google Summer of Code is over and is time to stop, look back, and discuss a bit about what I've been implementing.

Our original idea was port boxes to use Install Scripts API, included in libosinfo (Daniel Berrange, Zeeshan Ali and I have been working on this, that probably will can be used in the next libosinfo release) and add support for another distributions (OpenSuSE, Debian, Ubuntu,etc ...). The second part was not completed, unfortunately, but will be finished after the Google Summer of Code period, because the first part was a bit more long than expected.

The first part of the project, the port itself, was finished and covers:
- small fixes in libosinfo
- add support to libosinfo to generate the script in a file
- add suport to osinfo-install-script tool to use the previous one
- add a new entity, called osinfo_install_config_param used to get which are the parameters that can be set in an install script
- add support to generate an install script for Fedora (desktop profile)
- add support to generate an install script for Windws (it covers: win2k, win2k3, win2k3r2, winxp, winvista, win7)
- remove boxes installation scripts and use libosinfo API

IIUC, my patches are going to the upstream ASAP, but until it occurs,  you can see what I'm implementing in my Gitorious (

Sincerely, was a big pleasure to me could integrate the GNOME team and I hope we can keep  working together.

See ya, people!

Friday, August 3, 2012


GUADEC didn't was my first international conference, but, certainly, was the funniest one!
Was a great pleasure to meet with some guys that helped me a lot in non-GSoC related projects as: Lennart Poettering, Alon Levy and Christophe Fergeau. And, of course, to meet with some guys that are helping me in GSoC as: Zeeshan Ali, Marc-Andre and Christophe Fergeau (Again? Yeah, he is awesome!)
I've no words to describe how awesome was know some students that I prefer don't name them for fear of forgetting someone. I'll miss you all! :)

In the near future I'll write another blog post (less emotive, this time :)), talking about what I've considered the positive/negative points of GUADEC, IMHO.

Thanks for the time we spent together, the talks, the gossips, the beers!
Thanks GNOME Foundation! Thanks Local Team! Thanks Google! :)