Friday, July 20, 2012

One month without blog post

This is a post a bit non-usual and, maybe, not so interesting for the most gnome readers.
I'll try to split it in 3 parts: demotivation, health and mentor.

I've been working for some companies and I want to share a small list of common things that easily could destroy (or save, if avoided) the motivation of some projects. It is something like "What every programmer should not do in a project!" in a few words. 
1st: Work in a scope: Changing radically the scope of the project, without a good plan, causes lost time, money and motivation.
2nd: Listen to the team: if you have a team with few people working together, and something is *always* pointed as a problem for (almost) all members of the team, don't try to hide the problem instead of solving it. It's demotivating.
3th: Be honest, be clear: Try to keep all members of the team with the same level of informations. The team is trying to work together, no? Hiding information for one or two members of the team can demotivate this guys. At this point, is relevant to say that technical decisions might be decided for technical members, all of them, in the best case.

These 3 points are sufficient to demotivate a team. And, as everyone knows, demotivation is something not limited to your project.

Demotivation, usually, follows you to your house and influences your behavior with your friends and family. In the worst case, it will cause a stress outbreak.
But the way from your first discomfort until a stress outbreak is long, weeks, months ... maybe years. And it is *the* problem. Because your humor is worse, your sleep is worse, your quality as developer is worse ... this shit is consuming your whole life and you don't have idea about it ... until the necessary outbreak occurs and you need to restart to think about your "way of life" :-)

Firstly, I did a wrong idea about "mentor" in the beginning of the project (or I'm lucky, don't know). But, at least for me, mentor was a guy to talk about the project, about the problems with the project. Not about my personal problems, not about my personal life.
So, for some times I thought: "Should I share this kind of stuff with my mentor? This kind of things should not influence my project". Yeah, I was wrong! Last week I talked a lot about all these shits with my mentor and it really helped me, at least, to brighten my mind.

Of course, all this stuffs have serious consequences in my schedule. Now, I'm here, in the bed (with an infection) and with the project delayed. That's the life and I hope I can use the rest of my weekend to post something useful to community (with some code and some stuffs working).

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