Tuesday, June 12, 2012

LibOSInfo improvements and one more GSoC status


In the last post I was more optimistic than I could be, so, the world is taking their revenge :-P
So, firstly, bad news:
  • I didn't understand some points of project until the last post and I took some time to talk with my mentor (thanks, zeenix) to try to clarify all of them. I think I can consider it checked!
  • Because of that I lost (a bit) my focus and my schedule, so I'm about 1~2 weeks late. It's bad but we don't need be worried.My schedule is not so tight and I allocate 2 weeks (before mid-term) to use in case of (possibles) problems :-)
And, the good ones:
  • Some patches were produced to improve libosinfo and sent to review. The proposal of these patches are:
    • Add and expose some APIs needed, at least, by Gnome Boxes
    • Add support to generate scripts with multiple files
    • Add "desktop" profile for Windows and Fedora (15+) automated installations' scripts
  • I'll attend GUADEC 2012. So, many thanks to GNOME Foundation, Carol Smith, Google, my mentor, and specially for you! </brazilian TV show for kids>
Next step is remove, entirely, automated stuffs from Boxes and use, correctly, LibOSInfo APIs. it's a work in progress, for information. :-)
And, finally, I know, it looks like a "not so good" progress, but I had one step back to avoid to build a house of cards as fast as possible. Let's try to build solid bases before.

See ya!
Let's hack!

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