Sunday, May 20, 2012

Welcome install-scripts API's! See ya old installer files!


After two weeks out (yeah, university is trying to kill me), good news: progress are being done!
Better than planed, this weekend I did:

  • LibOSInfo (patch set was sent to virt-tools mailing list):
    • Installer's tags for win2k and win7 were added, allowing users to create install scripts for both windows
    • AutoLogon was set by default for all flavours of windows
    • Desktop Profile for Fedora's automated installation was added
  • Boxes (keeping this patch while wait a bug fix that will change some files that I changed, before send to mailing list)
    • Old automated files were dropped in favor of use install-script API's, provided by libosinfo and improved by my last patches.
While I wrote those patches I did a small test, installing Fedora 16 using my fresh changes, and it worked like a charm (or, at least, like worked in the old way).
If everything occurs as planned, in the next weekend, tests with Windows will be done and eventual issues will be fixed!

See ya and let's hack!

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