Sunday, May 6, 2012

First week working on GNOME-Boxes' port was awesome!

Last week I spent some time to familiarize myself with the code and start the port itself, as planned in sprint00 and sprint11 respectively.

After some days reading the code (yeah, I'm not a good reader), I finally understood Daniel P. Berrange's idea for install-scripts (libosinfo) and put my hands on the code, starting the port (or, at least, trying).
In this process, 4 small patches were produced and sent to libosinfo's mailing list (waiting for review), and I'll consider sprint0 finished and go to sprint1, doing this a big sprint with almost 3 weeks, as soon as patches are accepted.

See ya!

0sprint0: Familiarize with the code/project/mentor
deliverable: a simple patch related to the project

1sprint1: Porting Boxes to new API
deliverable: Boxes using new automated installation API of libosinfo and dropping all OS-specific automation code

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