Sunday, April 29, 2012

GSoC 2012 - Gnome Boxes!

Yay! Last week I was noticed I'm a selected student to do an "internship" working with Gnome-Boxes in GSoC 2012.
"What the hell is Gnome-Boxes?" is what you're thinking, I guess. So, you can start looking at project page and at this Zeenix's blogpost.
"And your project is about ... ?"
Basically, my propose involves improve new libosinfo API for automated installations; port Gnome-Boxes to use that and implement support for Debian, Ubuntu and openSUSE (at least). :-)
"Is there a schedule of your project?" You can take a look at my schedule here
"And about the progress?"
Further's progress informations will be shared here and in LiveGNOME's page for this GSoC project every two weeks (or when "deliverable of done" of each sprint is complete).

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